In scanning dozens of articles about the New England Patriots comeback win in the recent Super Bowl over the Atlanta Falcons, I found the following consistent themes:

The Patriots didn’t panic.

They demonstrated patience and discipline

They adjusted their game plan when realizing that the previous one wasn’t working.

The explored new options for moving the ball when previous one’s were shut down or not as effective.

The Patriots created their own luck by playing consistently, focusing on the basics, and taking small steps rather than trying to make big plays.

They had superior conditioning which contributed being able to maintain their level of play late in the game.

The Patriots coach and quarterback effectively managed their time.

They took advantage of key defensive and offensive errors by their opponent.

They applied pressure and remained calm in the face of adversity.

The Patriots moved through and around their opponent and did not get hung up on their own mistakes and shortcomings.

It also helped that they had the best quarterback and coach in the league, but they still had to put in the work to win. On the surface, the approach of the Patriots was not any different than what a business leader should be doing everyday in their organization.

If you happened to miss the game, read this article to give you perspective on what transpired over the weekend that shocked the sports world.

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