20 questions on creativity and leadership

Why are people interested in creativity?

Are they looking for options?

Do leaders need to be creative?

Does creativity make a leader more effective or does it enable them to make connections that others may not see?

Is creativity about making connections and thinking out of the box?

Do constraints drive people to be creative?

Or does it derive from the urge to explore the unknown?

Should leaders explore the unknown?

Do effective leaders investigate what they don’t know?

Does the unknown contain clues about what should happen next?

How can a leader connect the dots between what’s over the horizon and the here and now?

Does he or she have a strong vision for the organization?

Are there a core set of values that drives this company’s work?

What does this have to do with creativity?

Does knowing who you are and where you are going give you the freedom to explore options?

Will the exploration of options make my company more creative?

Or is it in seeing the big picture and connecting the dots?

Or is it in the conversion of the impressions of the future to something of value?

Is making something of value for someone the ultimate result of thinking creatively?

If a leader isn’t creating, what is he or she doing?

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