Leadership Lessons from a Giraffe, a Monk, and The Godfather? Yes.

Skimming through a variety of social media outlets like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Medium (and others) I have noticed people writing about leadership lessons. They may have derived these thoughts from certain life experiences or through observation of a movie, animal, or a particular event. 

A typical post title may look something like this [and all the examples below are real]: 

5 Leadership Lessons from my Experience as a Coach.

Or it could be based on one of these:

…Training for a Triathlon.

…Starting a Blog.

…Working in a Start-up.

…Raising Kids.

…Working as a Freelancer.

Or these:

…A Dog Sled Team.

…A Top Gun Pilot.

…The Pope.

…Creator of Grey’s Anatomy.

…A Symphony Conductor.

…Recent Presidents.

…Legendary Soccer Coach.

…A Three Star General.

…A Chef.

…A Monk.

…A Dancing Guy.

…A Rancher.

I even found people writing about or creating leadership videos based on insects or animals:






Or based on a particular movie:

…Star Wars

…Star Trek

…School of Rock

…The Lion King

…The Godfather

So, I found 28+ posts on leadership lessons and that took me only five minutes of looking through search results on Google and YouTube. Why does it matter that people are writing about this? Because it demonstrates that people are thinking.

The fact that people are thinking critically about what they perceive indicates that people are seeing the world differently.

They are making connections between disparate ideas and concepts and then working to bridge the gap between themselves and the ideas—regardless of how farfetched some of the ideas are connections may be.

This kind of thinking is the foundation of creating a new ways of working together and building new systems.

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