5 videos on the concept of design leadership.

What is a design leader?

They serve to break new ground for their organizations. Design leaders find the way through an uncertain or constantly shifting cultural, economic, political, or social landscape. These leaders can take their organizations in different directions.

Their skill set is multidisciplinary and they are effective communicators and  collaborators. Design leaders are comfortable managing up in an organization and do not hesitate to give and receive feedback. They are not afraid to challenge conventional ways of thinking.

The following videos offer 5 unique perspectives on the concept of design leadership.

1. John Maeda is currently Design Partner at Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers where he advises startups on the business impact of design. He has a background in design, technology, and business with backgrounds in computer science, art, and organizational leadership. 

2. David Sherwin, head of user experience at Lynda.com, outlines what it takes to be a design leader, and offers a framework for success.

3. Matthew Kressy is Director of the Integrated Design & Management (IDM) master’s degree track offered by MIT’s Systems Design and Management program, and is an expert in product design and development.

4. Maria Giuduce, Director of Product Design at Facebook, discusses the role of design in creating a sustainable company.

5. Rob Fyfe, former CEO of Air NewZealand from 2005 to 2012, shares his insights into leadership and disruption and what it takes for a leader to make a difference.

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