“What does strategy have to do with me? That’s someone else’s job.”

Strategy isn’t just for senior leaders and managers. It’s your job too.

Every day, you’re making choices that ripple through the organization.

It’s your job to make sure those choices are aligned with the company’s strategy and that you’re working toward accomplishing its goals. If you aren’t sure what this means for you, here are five things for every employee to consider when thinking about strategy:

1. What’s my role in achieving the company’s goals?

2. How can I make better decisions every day?

3. How can I help others do the same?

4. What should we be doing differently than ever before?

5. How can I use the power of my voice to make a difference?

These five questions will help you think about your role in the company’s strategy and how you can be a part of what needs to happen. If you’re not sure where to begin, start by reading through your company’s mission and vision statements. Once you have a clear understanding of what drives your organization, ask yourself: How can I play my part in making that happen?

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