Your steering is out of alignment, and it’s usually an easy fix.

When your organization is out of alignment, pinpointing the source of the problem may be difficult.

It could be any number of things:

  • Marketing may not be dialed into what your customers need to be solved. So they are telling a story that misses the mark.
  • Your billing processes could be a little sloppy, resulting in delayed payments.
  • Client-facing employees might not be skilled at building relationships, making it tough to secure follow-on contracts.
  • Perhaps people don’t see how they fit into the larger organization, causing the information flow to stop.

When your car is out of alignment, you may experience subpar steering and uneven tire wear.

When your organization is out of alignment, you’ll wonder why you’re not as profitable as before, keep losing good people, or have trouble realizing your company’s vision.

For starters, a simple way to realign people and teams is to talk about their work and how it supports the company’s mission. This may solve small issues, and expose larger problems before they become more serious.

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