I’m a change agent.

This approach works well when dealing with clients and their specific problems, particularly when they are seeking change.

I excel at injecting just the right amount of controlled chaos into a situation to spark discussion and see where it leads. You could call it “stirring the pot.”

However, applying this approach with management and leadership team peers might not be well-received, as the context is different.

Senior leaders in an organization aren’t always looking for change; they prioritize consistency. They seek steady growth and a smoothly functioning, predictable environment where the pieces of a business fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, unless they specifically ask for new ideas or alternate perspectives.

When working in an organization, it’s important to remember that senior leaders may not always be looking for change. Instead, they value consistency and predictability. To be effective, you need to understand this perspective and adapt your approach accordingly.

If you’re looking to stir the pot with people at the top of your organization, you’ll need to employ different approaches and skills compared to when dealing with frontline workers or paying customers.

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