1. What will be the first thing that Uber’s new executive team will do when they arrive at the company?
  2. How long will it take for investors and customers to regain their confidence in the company and the direction they are going?
  3. How do you effectively detoxify a company without fundamentally changing the way it does business?
  4. How will Uber’s competitor’s respond?
  5. What will be the impact on the drivers?
  6. Is this an opportunity for Uber to reinvent itself?
  7. Is Uber a technology or a transportation company?
  8. Should it be regulated as a technology or transportation company?
  9. What value does Uber provide?
  10. Can Uber and it’s competitors succeed in replacing private car ownership?
  11. Do private cars still carry value for consumers?
  12. Will Uber continue to consider it’s drivers employees or independent contractors?
  13. Can Uber evolve to become an urban logistics platform?
  14. If so, does it make sense to continue to operate it’s car service?
  15. What would life without Uber look like?
  16. Would it matter?
  17. What impact do the leaders of the company want to make on society?
  18. What is the impact of the company turmoil on Uber customers?
  19. Are driverless vehicles in the company’s future?
  20. How long could Uber stay afloat if no changes were made to the way they do business?
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