Leaders create actionable solutions.

Government agencies struggle with innovation because people don’t believe that it will make a difference in the way they conduct business.

It’s often viewed as just another tool, process, or buzz word that an executive may use as an excuse to correct inefficiencies in an organization. It’s also difficult to measure the impact over time. People also need to believe in any kind of change effort in order to have it take hold and creating a lasting impact. 

I believe what people are looking for the most are actionable solutions. People want ideas and solutions that make a difference to others and the means to implement them. It’s not necessarily that a system needs to be redesigned, but that barriers to progress need to be removed. Motivated employees want to get things done. If others see that action is taking place, then they will very likely want to join the effort. 

When a system flows, progress can be made.

Creating flow starts with:

  • Clarifying the vision and values of an organization.
  • Removing barriers.
  • Identifying a champion to drive the change.
  • Motivating employees to create and implement change on their own.
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