Take a Break from Technology

Can people be wrapped up in information and technology to the point where they are missing the larger movements in life? 

I was reminded of this after recently rereading one of my favorite novels, Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson.

Published in 1992, it is a groundbreaking work of science fiction that interweaves a multitude of subjects: history, anthropology, archaeology, computer science, cryptography, and philosophy among others.

The characters are dealing with new and dangerous technology at every turn in the plot. This quote in particular stayed in my mind long after I finished the book:

He turns off the techno-shit in his goggles. All it does is confuse him; he stands there reading statistics about his own death even as it’s happening to him. Very post-modern.

— Neal Stephenson, Snow Crash

Set aside time in your day or week to detach. It will help you keep your life in perspective.

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