Building an Ecosystem

How do you design and build a business ecosystem or an ecology in such a way to achieve the goals you’re trying to pursue? Design the system to fit into the context in which you are working. Start small and iterate often. Building an ecosystem starts with one person and the choices they make on a daily basis. I strive to create quality connections at all points of contact with others. This will serve to remove any barriers that may exist between people and facilitate the movement of information across the network.

For this blog, I work to post clear, concise thoughts on topics that are important to me. In the near future, I will be adding interviews with CEOs and leaders that are doing unique things in their field. Through social media, I am able to see how people respond and this will affect the next post that I write. Does a topic need more details? Can I expand on something? Repeated hits on the same topic may necessitate the writing of a longer piece to expand on a particular theme or tie together multiple posts. I have a general idea of the direction that I’d like to go in, but how readers respond will give me guidance on what has relevance or not. At the very early stages of this project, I’m simply trying to see what works and what doesn’t. The information that comes out of this trial and error approach will drive the decisions I make in the future.  

How do you start projects?

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