Blogging everyday is not easy–but it is starting to pay dividends.

Looking to be more creative?

Try committing to writing on a regular basis. You may find that the patience and discipline that’s required to do this may just free your mind.

Creativity does not often come naturally to people, but you can work at it to get better. I find that writing everyday across a variety of subjects helps me stay sharp. The blog posts tend to be concise and to the point. Some posts are better than others, but the point is that I am consistently producing ideas. The first few months were tough and now I’m finding that it’s getting easier every day.

Something else is happening, too. My mind is now constantly making connections across different fields, picking up on patterns, and recombining existing elements to generate new concepts. Sometimes the thoughts linger for a few minutes and other times they are gone in an instant. I keep a notebook next to me to write down anything that comes to mind so that I can revisit the thought at a later time.

I may write for a few days in a row about a particular theme or change the subject matter everyday. It varies from week to week. If I get stuck I just start writing down any words that come to mind and see what develops.

The point is to not be perfect in your writing, but to just write consistently. The quality will come later. Over time, your mind will adjust to having to think on the fly and the ideas will start to flow.

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