Want to see the big picture? Look within.

What!? The big picture will emerge when you start to see the factors that shape your perception of the world around you.  Your company’s vision and values will influence how you see the external world where your organization operates.  Slowing down and stepping back helps, too.

Companies are really only competing with themselves.

Photo by Pogonici/iStock / Getty Images Organizations need to learn to co-exist and work with others, not compete with them. Not being aware of this subtlety is why organizations struggle during periods of rapid change. The concept of competitive advantage loses meaning when people start working together and ego is removed from the equation. Company life becomes more about solving a … Read More

The architecture of business is about creating alignment.

Business architecture creates a bridge between business strategy and execution. Developing a successful business strategy requires a different way of seeing.  The architecture of business is about creating alignment. In this model, all aspects of a business are linked. It helps the components of a business work together to achieve a company’s purpose. One must learn to perceive the whole … Read More