Ideas can come from anywhere.

Ideas can come from anywhere. What you do with them depends on whether or not you are open to receive them. Want more ideas? Open your mind up to new possibilities. Watch, listen, and read outside of your comfort zone.   Developing a new idea takes time and patience. People may not be ready to receive it until the time is … Read More

Put people first.

There are a lot of ways to look at organizations. Pyramid, inverted pyramid, vertical, flat, horizontal, centralized, matrix, grid, symmetrical, assymetrical, linear, radial, clustered, and grid are words commonly used to describe the shape of an organization. What happens when you put the people that make up the organization first? Does the shape of an organization change? Not necessarily–but how … Read More

Six thoughts on leadership

Going it alone is tough. But, so is going along with a team. Either way you have to learn to work with others. Getting people to see your way of doing things can be a challenge, but the process is much easier when you lead with value. Show people what you can do rather than putting energy into marketing yourself. … Read More