20 questions on doing less

minimal design

If the focus is less, then what should be the focus? How are the most important elements determined? Can you make two or more ideas complement each other? Do they align with your values? How much can you strip away from your product, service, or experience before you arrive at the core of your idea? Does less bring clarity to … Read More

Exponential change

change and lights

Horses and carriages gave way to automobiles in the 1920-1939 timeframe.  The first electric vehicle arrived, believe it or not, in 1834.  The first practical electric car was on the road in London in 1884.  In 2018 Nissan and Tesla led the market in the development of electric vehicles.  By 2050, at least six major countries have committed to banning … Read More

The value of awareness

Ripple in water

For every action there is a reaction.  The reaction may not happen now, tomorrow, or a week from now.  The ripples from your actions will take time to propagate through the system and will return in it’s own time. People that are adept at creating, leading, and managing change understand the first, secondary, tertiary (and beyond) effects of their plans … Read More