Technology shifts

Changing technology and leaves

Technology comes and technology goes. What was useful today may not be tomorrow. Making sense of what will be of use in the future depends on your context. Where are you? Who are you serving? What are your goals? Why do your customers need this? When do they need it? Getting to the future starts with figuring out where you … Read More

The post-decentralized organization

dispersed paint spray

It’s not cultures that aren’t compatible, its people’s patterns of behavior.  Are you willing to adjust to your personal behavior to adapt to a new environment?  You may not have a choice at times.  The military requires people to have a specific haircut, wear uniforms, and generally do what they say when ordered.  Competitive sports favor people that are disciplined … Read More

Communication builds culture

people building culture

Communication can be nonexistent, sporadic, or steady.  It can also be irrelevant and meaningless. Effective communication can keep people informed, sway the unconvinced, and motivate them to achieve new heights.  When not done well it can build walls, turn people away, and cause them to lose interest in your goals. In any organization, clear and consistent communication is what holds … Read More