Want to see the big picture? Look within.

What!? The big picture will emerge when you start to see the factors that shape your perception of the world around you.  Your company’s vision and values will influence how you see the external world where your organization operates.  Slowing down and stepping back helps, too.

5 books on co-creation and the future of business.

Business leaders need to be the architects of their organizations. They help companies create their own futures, and align themselves internally and externally to achieve those goals. The following books on co-creation describe a non-traditional way to envision and create value. This way of thinking is gaining momentum as leaders see that the rules of business competition are evolving. 1. … Read More

Successful organizations are tuned into their customers.

The form or shape of an organization matters because it communicates to employees and customers how it functions. It defines who makes the decisions, how work is accomplished, and how employees are assigned tasks. As a result, people will have a sense of the overall structure of a company and how they relate to it. They will understand not only … Read More