The right way is often hard work.

Doing things the right way is often not the easiest way. I believe this is the basic challenge of modern leadership. How do you motivate people to do something that may be counter to popular opinion; interferes with someone’s ambition, goals, or vision; or just simply takes a lot of time and effort to execute? How do you start doing … Read More

Fixing politics? Create a common vision.

Taking on the challenge of fixing politics is a daunting task. It’s a leadership problem. As a leader, where do you start?  Considering that in the age of social media that change generally comes from the bottom up, I would ask you where you want to go. Understanding what someone wants to create will shape the rest of the conversation. … Read More

Start making connections

Making connections is the foundation for building coalitions, networks, and systems. It’s also how you learn, find a mentor, discover a new hobby, find a new job, pick up a new sport, create something new, or simply make friends. The process of tying people, places, or things together is how you gain experience working with people and how you create … Read More