Nothing is fixed, so be flexible.

If everything is a living system, then the world is constantly in flux. Nothing is fixed. So, why do people act like things are not going to change? Change should be welcomed as an opportunity to recreate the present. Keeping pace with change and not fighting it is the challenge.

Ideas can come from anywhere.

Ideas can come from anywhere. What you do with them depends on whether or not you are open to receive them. Want more ideas? Open your mind up to new possibilities. Watch, listen, and read outside of your comfort zone.   Developing a new idea takes time and patience. People may not be ready to receive it until the time is … Read More

Understand what people do well.

If you are trying to make progress, understand what a person or organization does well first. This will give you clues as to how they think and will enable to you to understand what they value. You may find people more inclined to work with you if you approach them this way from the beginning. Negativity from the outset simply … Read More