Take action or be still.

Not sure what to do next? Then take action.  Are you too busy or is the world moving to fast? Then be still.   

Your brain on AlphaGo.

The recent Go match between the AI AlphaGo and Lee Sodol was fascinating. Several observers noted that they were impressed by the AI’s play and certainly learned something.  Here’s what I picked up: When making moves from a broad perspective, your actions may not make complete sense to an observer. In fact, you may experiment more than people realize as … Read More

Six thoughts on leadership

Going it alone is tough. But, so is going along with a team. Either way you have to learn to work with others. Getting people to see your way of doing things can be a challenge, but the process is much easier when you lead with value. Show people what you can do rather than putting energy into marketing yourself. … Read More