Knowledge vs. intelligence


“A human must turn information into intelligence or knowledge.” –Grace Hopper Knowledge is meaningful information. Intelligence is information that can be used to develop insights, solve problems, or make decisions. It’s difficult for one to exist without the other. Forward progress is made when people can apply what they’ve learned. Technology can take us only so far.


light at night

Out to sea.  In the woods.  Over the horizon. Different rules apply when you are on your own.  When things break down, you do what you can to survive. Generating new business or figuring out what’s next is similar. The next opportunity often comes from where you least expect it. Will you be able to see it?  



Vision defines the purpose and intent of an organization and can bring its reason for being into focus.  If a vision can’t be effectively communicated to the members of a community, then people will begin to question why they are there, or why they work as hard as they do to support it. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the … Read More