Create value and build trust

street at night

One person wears costumes that change with the seasons. Another sends me recipes and yet another leaves jars of honey on doorsteps.  I see sophisticated pictures of people in equally sophisticated homes.  I’ve also received invitations to parties at movie theaters and at local bars for clients. These are all unique ways that the realtors in my neighborhood have worked … Read More

Make the right impression

sketch of foreign city

People are making impressions at all times.  How people act or behave can leave an indelible mark on others.  An act of kindness or politeness can shift one’s view of you as much as an act of rudeness.  The smallest of gestures or the slightest raise of an eyebrow can change the way people perceive you in an instant. Buildings, … Read More

Identity crisis

sketch of park geometry

Creating a strategy is the act of recognizing, comprehending, and then balancing the internal and external forces at work in an organization.  Lose your sense of how your firm is positioned and you may be faced with an organizational identity crisis. Synchronize your business’s purpose with the shifting needs of the customer.  This is the point where competition ends and co-creation … Read More