Turning negatives into positives

turning negatives into positives

My bike’s tires were in need of a change. I usually replace innertubes at the same time. I had no issues with installing the new tires, but both new innertubes plus the spare would each not hold air. So that’s three brand new innertubes that had leaky valves. It was very frustrating as I was looking to get out to … Read More

What’s your story?

what's your story

Sharing your personal experiences can be a powerful tool to connect with other people. By using stories to describe your passion and enthusiasm, you create an opportunity to bring out the qualities that make you unique. Not only is this emotionally gratifying, but it can help to form strong relationships and build a good reputation. People are more likely to … Read More

Working it out

A lack of action doesn’t necessarily mean stagnation. It is during these quiet periods, when you push work to the back burner, that the most innovative ideas can come to mind. The key is to quiet your mind enough to receive them. Practically speaking, simply taking a break to listen to music or going for a short walk in the … Read More