Consistent vs contrasting: analyzing behavior patterns

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills involve analyzing patterns, particularly in human behavior. This is not about employing the scientific method, but rather observing patterns of behavior across various contexts to understand people better. Consider how people’s behavior changes in different situations: By observing these patterns, you can begin to see who people truly are and differentiate between authentic individuals and … Read More

Developing observation and listening skills for effective leadership

observation and listening

It’s essential to develop your observation and listening skills. Utilize your eyes and ears to better understand the dynamics of the workplace and make informed decisions. Trust Your Observations – While it’s important to consider other people’s opinions, rely on your own observations as well. Observe your work environment and form your own interpretations. Pay attention to how people respond … Read More

Adapting to the post-COVID corporate landscape

corporate landscape

As the world navigates the post-COVID era and experiences rapid advancements in AI, we are witnessing a significant shift in the corporate landscape. With more people transitioning to remote work, solopreneurship, and independent consulting, there is still a strong drive for organizations to remain productive. As an aspiring leader, it is crucial to understand yourself and your environment to navigate … Read More