Culture matters

I recently received my monthly issue of Monocle and was excited to see their annual Quality of Life Survey for cities worldwide. The 2016 Survey captures the “elements that define superior cities–and why a bit of action after sundown is as vital as bike lanes and smooth tram lines.” As a quick note, I first discovered Monocle in the Frankfurt, … Read More

Honing and sharpening

I took a set of knives to the market yesterday to have them sharpened and I overheard the clerk describe the difference between honing and sharpening to another customer. I previously thought that the two words were more or less the same. Honing is the straightening of the edge of an already sharp blade. With use and through the sharpening … Read More

The play of opposites

Yin and yang. Black and white. Light and dark. Natural and artificial. Solid and gas. Hard and soft. If there is more of one than another, then a system will be out of balance. Tension between opposites is necessary for creative development and the evolution of an organization. The play of opposites can tear an organization apart as the pieces … Read More