Design and business are intertwined.

Sifting through various media and by maintaining awareness of one’s surroundings, one can see patterns and trends emerging in various areas such as brands, aesthetics, words, graphics, architecture, politics, speech habits, and fashion.  Working in the space between patterns is where one can discover the links between disparate elements and it’s where opportunities exist to create something new. There is enormous … Read More

Video: 3 perspectives on systems change

Shifting a system from one state to another requires a bold vision followed by bold action. Once the initial movement has been made to create a new reality, the hard work begins. As the pieces of an organization slowly fall into place, the job of the designer is to help guide the parts into place. The following three videos off … Read More

Breaking boundaries can be a dirty job.

Removing boundaries between people, places, and things is not for the faint of heart. Along the way you may be faced with any number of the following: Animosity, increased competition, disbelief, dismay, confusion, misdirection, misinformation, jealousy, obstruction, or anger. Very rarely will you receive thanks for what you are doing until your effort is complete and your vision is realized. … Read More