Give your best work away for free

give your best work away for free

Giving away your best work for free can be an intimidating idea–but it can be rewarding. When done with purpose, sharing quality resources without expecting anything in return can help build credibility in your field and establish trust among customers. This type of goodwill recognizing the value of your work and investments adds to the greater good of the community, … Read More

What’s your story?

what's your story

Sharing your personal experiences can be a powerful tool to connect with other people. By using stories to describe your passion and enthusiasm, you create an opportunity to bring out the qualities that make you unique. Not only is this emotionally gratifying, but it can help to form strong relationships and build a good reputation. People are more likely to … Read More

When momentum shifts

when momentum shifts

If you lose momentum, then you can lose motivation. However, understand that momentum can come and go. It’s ok to take a moment to appreciate the downtime. Staying focused on the big picture and the value you are providing to others can help you when there is no wind in your sails. It will also help get you ready for … Read More