The competitive organization


Businesses can use data to measure progress and make guesses about the future at any moment in time.  This information could be used to correct problems, improve processes, or assist leaders in making a decision. Determining when and where to take action on the recommendations is the leadership challenge. Rather than always sprinting to catch the latest trend, energy can … Read More

Always on


To be always on is to never be off.  It requires constant attention, focus, and discipline.  There will be periods when the pace slows and you can relax, but you still need to be ready to deliver. Over time this way of working will become normalized and people will come to expect it.  There is something appealing about having a … Read More

The best defense


Defending yourself during a meeting means that you have to be prepared. What’s the best way to get ready? Know your material better than anyone else and be able to explain how your idea will work. Anything less and you stand to leave yourself open to criticism.