Don’t lose your people

Don't lose your people

Client: I’ve never had to manage people before. It’s overwhelming and I can’t finish my regular work. Ahhhh, that explains it. Now I can see why the team was frustrated with the vague directions, inconsistent feedback, and shifting priorities that we had been receiving from the client. Hey, I get it, you have to start somewhere to learn how to … Read More

Choose your words carefully

choose your words carefully

Client: I need you to turn this two-page paper into two or three sentences. And so began my education on writing for executives and decision-makers. Here are a few things that I learned during this assignment: Getting to the essence of the issue is critical, as is communicating the impact of any decisions. Using clear, plain language certainly helps, too, … Read More

Turning negatives into positives

turning negatives into positives

My bike’s tires were in need of a change. I usually replace innertubes at the same time. I had no issues with installing the new tires, but both new innertubes plus the spare would each not hold air. So that’s three brand new innertubes that had leaky valves. It was very frustrating as I was looking to get out to … Read More