Crafting tailored solutions


Nailing client solutions means crafting strategies tailored to their specific context. The more customized the approach, the greater the impact and longevity. Relevance is key for lasting results.

Recognizing patterns in your work


Over time, I’ve recognized emerging patterns in my work. For instance, I’ve noticed that successful collaborations often involve a sequence of ties that bring people together. By understanding this pattern, I’ve been able to extend my network across diverse industries and markets, creating new opportunities for growth. Another example of an emerging pattern is the power of traditions. By creating … Read More

Losing ambitious people

losing ambitious people

People come and people go, but you seem to be losing the most ambitious individuals. These are the people that bring the heat, the ones that push boundaries, and the ones that you can’t afford to lose. On one hand, maybe you can afford to let them leave as they may require more effort to lead and direct at first. … Read More