Efficiency vs collaboration

efficiency vs collaboration

When managing projects, one-off conversations can be incredibly useful in a variety of ways. They can help to set clear expectations and provide feedback on performance. For example, a one-off conversation with a team member can be used to set specific goals for a project, clarify roles and responsibilities, and provide guidance on how to achieve success. Similarly, a one-off … Read More

We’ve always done it this way

we've always done it this way

Innovation often lies in the unexplored corners of familiar territory. When you revisit old processes, you can open yourself up to new perspectives. Along the way, you may also uncover opportunities for improvement and growth that you never knew existed. Even if it feels like a detour or a waste of time, taking the time to explore other options can … Read More

Overwhelmed and burned out

overwhelmed and burned out

Job loading, the practice of assigning multiple tasks to an individual, often leads to people being overwhelmed and burned out. While it may seem efficient in the short term, it ultimately results in decreased productivity and morale. A better alternative is to distribute tasks among a team, with each member having a clear role and responsibility. This approach not only … Read More