Looking for more responsibility

more responsibility

There are 3 things that successful executives know about their roles that entry-level employees don’t when looking for more responsibility. 1. Setting Priorities: 2. Directing Resources: 3. Managing Relationships: If you are looking to develop executive-level skills, this will require a shift in mindset and behavior. And a willingness to step outside of your comfort zone.

The evolution of accountability

the evolution of accountability

Accountability has traditionally been a reactive process, where people were held responsible for their actions after the fact. It has been shifting to a more proactive approach due to access to more tech and data. In the future, accountability will be built into systems and processes from the start, with real-time monitoring and feedback to ensure compliance and prevent issues … Read More

Cultivating behaviors for change

cultivating change

The workplace is a breeding ground for productivity, creativity, and innovation. To thrive in this environment, it’s crucial to cultivate behaviors that support collaboration, communication, and empathy. By observing and adopting these patterns, you can not only enhance your own performance but also contribute to a positive and productive workplace culture. Your actions have the power to shape the workplace … Read More