Effective communication strategies in open and closed workplace systems

In today’s work environment, efficient communication and collaboration are vital to success. However, processes and systems can sometimes hinder progress, leading to bureaucracy, poor communication, inefficient collaboration, and challenges in project execution. Employees may feel trapped within these systems, constrained by strict rules, peer pressure, and hierarchical expectations that limit their ability to extend help beyond their immediate team. The … Read More

What’s your organization like?

What’s your organization like? Is it all about speed, teamwork, or just helping clients? Does it balance work performance and growing the business, or focus more on building relationships inside and outside the company? Knowing your organization’s structure can help you do your job better and spot any issues that might need fixing. When I first started working in a … Read More

Embracing objective insights in decision-making

Not everyone will have the same approach as you, but if you have chosen to take on more leadership responsibilities, it can only benefit you to help others get on this path. The more people you have supporting your vision, the better. Cultivating a diverse team with different perspectives and experiences will not only enrich your understanding of the world … Read More