Leading in a dynamic organization


Leading in a dynamic organization starts with sharing. Vision, goals, successes, and failures – they’re all part of a shared experience. To maximize your influence, aim for balance and remain hyper-aware of the connections and nodes within your organization. How strongly (or not) are you connected with others? For me, it all begins with respect and a deep commitment to … Read More

Internal motivation

internal motivation

To create lasting change, empower individuals to initiate it themselves. This approach, driven by internal motivation, can lead to a more profound impact within an organization.

Creating or alleviating tension


I’ve come to realize that tension, the invisible puppeteer, holds sway over groups through powerful strings. During collaborations, I’ve learned to recognize the tension I wield and to control it responsibly. By fine-tuning these strings, I’ve been able to help my teams move in harmony. However, I’ve also seen that pulling too hard can cause the entire performance to crumble. … Read More