Leveraging patterns of behavior to anticipate what’s next

Bob is a team player, always ready to collaborate on projects. Sheryl has a knack for clear communication, ensuring everyone understands her message. Nelle excels at providing constructive feedback, and turning negatives into positives. Bart coaches youth soccer on Thursdays, while Cliff prefers white papers written in a specific style. Josh, a busy senior VP, only reviews finished products that … Read More

Overcoming complexities with a step-by-step approach

I could easily envision the desired outcome and how incredible the end result would be. However, once I began figuring out how to make it happen, I tended to back off as things suddenly became complex. That was early in my career. Change often appears simple from afar, but as you delve deeper into the process, it becomes increasingly challenging. … Read More

Consistent vs contrasting: analyzing behavior patterns

Critical thinking and problem-solving skills involve analyzing patterns, particularly in human behavior. This is not about employing the scientific method, but rather observing patterns of behavior across various contexts to understand people better. Consider how people’s behavior changes in different situations: By observing these patterns, you can begin to see who people truly are and differentiate between authentic individuals and … Read More