Actions speak louder than words

Behaviors shape the culture of an office and the decisions we make every day contribute to the environment we experience. No one wants to feel isolated at work, but it can happen due to physical barriers, differences in work styles, or even just temporary unavailability. Actively isolating people can damage a team’s integrity and morale. As a leader, will you … Read More

Improving communication and navigating different work styles

I like to work quickly, stopping periodically to assess where I am. When an idea hits, I’ll run with it and see where it goes. On the other hand, my colleague prefers to work with a plan at all times. Our boss likes to work late into the night and will call you directly if he needs something. His counterpart … Read More

Mastering the art of corporate politics and learning from hidden agendas

The half-smiles and nods were concerning. I didn’t receive any questions after the presentation, and people quickly left the room without engaging in the usual small talk. Hmmm. I’ve made presentations to groups of various sizes before and felt like I had a good read on people. Either the executives around the table were genuinely not interested in my proposal, … Read More