The structure of mediocrity

rock wall

The challenge with any kind of structure in business (or personally) is that it makes you predisposed to certain outcomes.  Perhaps this is a function of culture.  If your organization has a set way of performing a task, then the only acceptable answer is one that falls within a predetermined range of values.  If one’s solution or performance falls below … Read More

Understand the past

space shuttle

You may see a website as something that lives within a computer.  I see it as part of the evolution of a machine I first started using on a desktop computer thirty years ago.  Being aware of where you are is just as important as how you arrived at this point in time. Without seeing how “now” fits into the larger … Read More

Instagram and the underlying order

power pole and transformer

The filters on Instagram can make most images look good.  They can turn a color image to black and white (one of three filters I believe).  Some can darken or lighten an image and others can turn the sky even bluer or emphasize the color red.  It’s fun to play with and to see how my perception of an image … Read More