Group discussions


Group discussions can move quickly and shift between topics with ease.  Keeping people focused on a conversation will challenge even the most experienced facilitators.  People need to be given space to explore but also need to be aware of the limits. A conversation may twist and turn or stop and stall.  And then it will pick back up and change … Read More

The words you use


Talking is like paint.  Done well and it can make something look (and sound) better.  When a topic is presented poorly it can cause people to lose confidence or interest in what you are doing. Talking is more than just about the words that you use.  The tone, form, and structure of your speech can have just as much impact as your … Read More



Vision defines the purpose and intent of an organization and can bring its reason for being into focus.  If a vision can’t be effectively communicated to the members of a community, then people will begin to question why they are there, or why they work as hard as they do to support it. “Good business leaders create a vision, articulate the … Read More