Taking action

silver balls

The word dynamic can be defined as an adjective as “characterized by constant change, activity, or progress.” As a noun, it is “a force that stimulates change or progress within a process or system.” Objects in motion tend to create actions and reactions. Need something? Then make it. Not happy with your culture, organization, or business? Then take action to change it, … Read More

Meeting preparedness


How ready are you for your next meeting? Do you know the purpose, what will be discussed, and who’s attending? Is the meeting necessary and what does the facilitator hope to achieve? Have you read the pre-brief and any background materials? Have you anticipated questions that need to be asked or problems that need to be addressed? Will a decision … Read More

Redefining average


Mediocre is just good enough and fits the mold.  You shouldn’t expect too much in terms of ability, performance, or quality.  It looks the part but there may not be much under the hood.  Average is ok. Increased levels of performance and higher levels of quality are foreign and require more effort.  To get here you must be willing to … Read More