Creating structure is about making sense of the unknown.

Creating structure is the organization of people, places, and things. It’s about making sense of the unknown and a key aspect of leadership. This will serve to: Help others. Facilitate interactions. Start conversations. Build momentum. Strengthen existing bonds or make new ones. Put you in a position to guide the organization forward.

Are you jacked in? It looks like it.

I’m currently on the road and noticed something. Between leaving the airport in Washington, DC, transferring in Frankfurt, arriving in Madrid, and then spending time in the city, I found that most people were walking around staring at their smartphones. I thought this might just be an American phenomena. There were hundreds of people gathered in the Plaza del Sol … Read More

Form affects experience.

This is the first part of a three part series on developing a new language for business. Form affects how people experience, perceive, and interact with an organization. It is the first step in understanding an organization’s place in an ecosystem. The Oxford English Dictionary describes form as the following: The visible shape or configuration of something. Arrangement of parts. The … Read More