Technology will dissolve into the background.

The future of technology is that there will be no technology [that we can actively sense or think to use]. Humans as a species will have internalized it or evolved past actively needing it in their hands. It will become part of the background fabric of our existence and those not involved in its creation may just forget about it. … Read More

Platforms are engines for growth

Platforms are conduits for action. Through the platform flows the resources needed to create products, services, or new businesses. They can pivot and shift quickly. Lean, agile, and flexible describe how they operate. A platform can be as small as an individual or as large as Amazon. Platforms are engines for growth and conduits for action. What guides them? Clear … Read More

Speed to market is critical.

Is this the key to innovation? The faster you move to get a product or service to market, the faster you will get a response as to whether or not it meets the customer’s needs. But what if you can anticipate the needs of the customer to the point where you are meeting their needs in real time? Reducing the … Read More