Mastering the art of corporate politics and learning from hidden agendas

The half-smiles and nods were concerning. I didn’t receive any questions after the presentation, and people quickly left the room without engaging in the usual small talk. Hmmm. I’ve made presentations to groups of various sizes before and felt like I had a good read on people. Either the executives around the table were genuinely not interested in my proposal, … Read More

Starting at the bottom

the bottom

The story of my career: starting at the bottom and working my way up. Climbing the ranks from the bottom up in an organization offers a unique perspective on what it takes to get things done, lead people, and build a successful business. This vantage point allows for a clear understanding of what works and what doesn’t, which leaders are … Read More

Creating or alleviating tension


I’ve come to realize that tension, the invisible puppeteer, holds sway over groups through powerful strings. During collaborations, I’ve learned to recognize the tension I wield and to control it responsibly. By fine-tuning these strings, I’ve been able to help my teams move in harmony. However, I’ve also seen that pulling too hard can cause the entire performance to crumble. … Read More