Slow communication

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Not every message needs an immediate response. Given time, words can be considered fully and in context. Emotions can cloud your judgment and affect the way you see and think. The right response has a time and place.

Always on


To be always on is to never be off.  It requires constant attention, focus, and discipline.  There will be periods when the pace slows and you can relax, but you still need to be ready to deliver. Over time this way of working will become normalized and people will come to expect it.  There is something appealing about having a … Read More

Questions for leaders

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Leadership opportunities can come quickly and whether you want them or not. Here are 20 practical questions for people who may suddenly find themselves leading others: What are your strengths? What are your weaknesses? What’s your vision [going to be]? What do you value? What do your customers value? What resources are available to you? What do your customers need … Read More