Not sure what to do next? Get unstuck.

When I’m stuck, I do one of the following: Read. Find something online, a book, a newspaper to read. Anything. Write. Make notes, write a blog post, submit an article. Not sure what to write? Then try sketching. Volunteer. Find a way to get involved in something greater that you. Help someone out once a day. Exercise. Move around. It’s … Read More

Make a conscious effort everyday.

I interviewed a fascinating company a few weeks ago for a Q&A feature on this blog. Look out for the actual interview to be posted in a week or so. Over the course of the interview, one of the principals commented that she strives “to make a conscious effort every day.” That’s a great way to approach life and one’s … Read More

I build. What do you do?

Building is what keeps me moving. Every interaction with a person, place, or thing is an opportunity to create or affect an organization, relationship, or system. The question is whether or not I choose to step forward and get involved. What do you do?