Networking is exhausting.

Talking to someone in an effort to establish a connection with them—especially if they don’t want to talk to you—can be a tricky proposition. Networking is exhausting, but a necessary part of life. How it is done is the problem. It’s especially hard trying to connect with people on social media. And I think I’m over it and I’m not … Read More

3 quotes on leadership, emergence, and business architecture.

Three of my favorite quotes on leadership, emergence, business architecture: “Iteration of redesign and need for continual improvement increasingly removes slack and redundancies from the system and makes the interdependencies among the parts more and more pronounced. This is the essence of emerging complexity, which demands a whole new form of leadership—managing interaction and managing those you do not control. Managing … Read More

As people evolve, their relationship with information will change.

As the world begins to downshift, I’m seeing that people are talking about slowing down and enjoying life more. Some are quitting there corporate jobs and starting up their own small businesses and committing to serving their local neighborhoods. I don’t think this trend has hit social media yet, but when the tide of current technological development recedes from the … Read More