The words you use


Talking is like paint.  Done well and it can make something look (and sound) better.  When a topic is presented poorly it can cause people to lose confidence or interest in what you are doing. Talking is more than just about the words that you use.  The tone, form, and structure of your speech can have just as much impact as your … Read More


light at night

Out to sea.  In the woods.  Over the horizon. Different rules apply when you are on your own.  When things break down, you do what you can to survive. Generating new business or figuring out what’s next is similar. The next opportunity often comes from where you least expect it. Will you be able to see it?  

Impact, change, and outcomes

crystal ball

Ideas can be a source of inspiration.  But, too many of them can be a blessing or a curse.  Lack of focus about what you want to do can make it difficult to figure out which ideas make the most sense to use.  Here’s another way to think about it: What’s the impact, change, or outcome that you want to … Read More