The limits of technology

machinery in factory

Technology can help you see further.  The outer reaches of the solar system and objects light-years away have been pulled closer.  It can also help us see inside our bodies and into the earth.  What was once hidden is now available to see. Gathering information has never been so easy, particularly, with the advent of the internet.  Connected devices pull information … Read More

Staying relevant

forced perspective on a bridge

If your business is relevant then it is competitive.  Maintaining relevance requires a consistent effort to keep your business in the minds of the people you are serving.  This includes both your current and future customers. Losing relevance means that you are no longer aligned with your customers.  It means that you are losing touch with what’s happening in your … Read More

Under pressure

trail in woods

The deeper you go the darker it gets. Pressure can increase the further away from civilization that you move. Can you survive on your own? The life of the entrepreneur can be lonely as you try to figure out how to make things happen. Full commitment to your goal can be the difference between success and failure. How deep will … Read More