When momentum shifts

when momentum shifts

If you lose momentum, then you can lose motivation. However, understand that momentum can come and go. It’s ok to take a moment to appreciate the downtime. Staying focused on the big picture and the value you are providing to others can help you when there is no wind in your sails. It will also help get you ready for … Read More

How people work is shifting

How people work is shifting

Work is becoming decentralized and individual-focused. Leaders need to rethink power structures and the way they do business. It’s important to understand this landscape because the top-down hierarchy is losing relevance as people spread out (of the office). Communicating and leading in this environment requires a different strategy because the power lies at the middle and lower levels of the … Read More

Rewrite what you do

rewrite what you do

Your job description is the starting point for understanding what you do and how you benefit an organization. However, most people don’t progress beyond what the job description says about their work. Leveling up requires one to push boundaries and exceed expectations. This often requires you to toss out your job description and rewrite it yourself.