Give your best work away for free

give your best work away for free

Giving away your best work for free can be an intimidating idea–but it can be rewarding. When done with purpose, sharing quality resources without expecting anything in return can help build credibility in your field and establish trust among customers. This type of goodwill recognizing the value of your work and investments adds to the greater good of the community, … Read More

Equilibrium is a balancing act

equilibrium is a balancing act

Achieving equilibrium is a critical tool for success in business and our personal lives. It is a balancing act between our goals and the action we must take to reach them. Establishing equilibrium begins with understanding ourselves, our needs, and what stems from our actions – both the good and the bad. Once we fully comprehend the implications of those … Read More

Working it out

A lack of action doesn’t necessarily mean stagnation. It is during these quiet periods, when you push work to the back burner, that the most innovative ideas can come to mind. The key is to quiet your mind enough to receive them. Practically speaking, simply taking a break to listen to music or going for a short walk in the … Read More