Creative ways to help the environment using business ideas

It started with Conservation X Labs, whose mission is to: …harness exponential technologies, open innovation, and entrepreneurship to dramatically improve the efficacy, cost, speed, scale and sustainability of conservation efforts to end human induced extinction. What do they do?  CXL brings people together to test ideas and solve problems, but using concepts from the business world.  The cross-pollinization of ideas across market sectors or industries … Read More

Fewer fences and open design in Singapore condos

In a place where land is scarce, developers are being urged to explore open design and fenceless communities. This is similar to what is happening in Copenhagen and Hong Kong. Resident Sienna Song, 28, an MBA student, said she likes the condominium’s “open” aesthetic, adding: “This works only because the location is very quiet, and not facing a (main) road. … Read More

$500 million culture plan for Canada

Anchored by Netflix, Canada has a plan to develop and support the creative industries in Canada.  Announced by Heritage Minister Melanie Joly, it will help people compete in the digital age. The “Creative Canada” road map, which was unveiled by Heritage Minister Mélanie Joly at a business luncheon in the Chateau Laurier, includes pledges to spend $125 million over the … Read More