Unlock your strategic potential: 5 ways every employee contributes to company success


“What does strategy have to do with me? That’s someone else’s job.” Strategy isn’t just for senior leaders and managers. It’s your job too. Every day, you’re making choices that ripple through the organization. It’s your job to make sure those choices are aligned with the company’s strategy and that you’re working toward accomplishing its goals. If you aren’t sure … Read More

Who’s your audience?


In 2015, I published my first blog post, and since then, I’ve created over a thousand. Throughout this journey, I’ve learned a valuable lesson about getting people to read my work: in a world where attention is scarce, no one truly cares about what you think until you make it relevant to them. Merely voicing your opinions or sharing your … Read More

The art of subtraction

Remarkable ideas emerge when we pare down to the essentials. It’s a natural inclination for people to go in the opposite direction: piling on bells and whistles, under the impression that users want them, perhaps in an effort to make the offering more interesting. Don’t fall for that trap. The sweet spot lies in harmonizing customer desires, budgetary constraints, timelines, … Read More