Heroes can have a thousand faces.

The video below is an outstanding interpretation of Joseph Campbell’s The Hero With a Thousand Faces. This book was the primary inspiration for George Lucas’s Star Wars. The themes presented in the book are still relevant today.

Business can be rational and irrational.

Business is rational at the micro or transactional level; and irrational at the macro or strategic level.  The individual decisions at the transactional level are binary in nature. Something is sold or not. A decision is made and the answer is either yes or no. As isolated elements, individual decisions are easy to work with in an organization.  As one … Read More

Reform or Reinvent Public Schools?

Part Four in this week’s series on Education. Matt Candler is the Founder and CEO of 4pt0.org. He makes a compelling case for taking action on public schools:  According to the organization’s website, “4.0 schools is a community of entrepreneurs, educators, and families that believes school can be dramatically better for every child. We equip entrepreneurial people to create new … Read More