This is a quote by Phillip Evans on p. 294 of Walter Kiechel’s The Lords of Strategy that I come back to on occasion. “In this emerging world,” according to Evans, “the key way to think about competitive advantage is to think about how to design an ecology in such a way to achieve goals you’re trying to pursue. To say that … Read More


red solar flare

How do companies evolve? Passion for what you create, commitment to core values, and thinking long-term. I am often asked this and other questions by leaders to help them overcome a particular problem.  More often than not the answers to their questions may be something they don’t want to hear. Getting to the heart of the real issues often involves … Read More

Tolerating uncertainty


How much uncertainty can you tolerate? Can you accept not being aware of what’s next? The more comfortable you become with working through tough problems then the more you learn to accept that it’s ok to not know where you may end up.  Perhaps not all projects need a vision.  Organizations may not need metrics and dashboards that can paint … Read More