The best we can


“We will all do the best we can, and that will be good enough.” A positive attitude and a bright outlook can bring a team together and push them through adversity. The right words before the start of a project can be the difference between success and failure.

Becoming irrelevant

brick wall

Embracing innovation is more than just working to develop new products, services, or experiences.  It can fundamentally change how you think about and run your organization. Be aware that innovation can certainly help a company generate more profit and revenue and help them stay competitive.  But it can also break down existing power structures and ways of doing business. The challenge … Read More

The urge to buy


The next thing in tech will cost you more money.  It will have features that are familiar but slightly different than the previous iteration.  The device might faster or have more memory or improved functionality.  There’s a steady progression between versions.  Major jumps in technology are rare. Figuring out what you need can help you discern what you should buy.  … Read More