Under pressure

trail in woods

The deeper you go the darker it gets. Pressure can increase the further away from civilization that you move. Can you survive on your own? The life of the entrepreneur can be lonely as you try to figure out how to make things happen. Full commitment to your goal can be the difference between success and failure. How deep will … Read More

Navigating currents

beach umbrella

Growing up near the ocean I learned very quickly about the danger of currents.  There were tidal currents that came daily in and out of the bay.  You didn’t want to be in the water near the mouth of the bay when this was taking place.  Where the waves were breaking you could find water sometimes moving perpendicular to the … Read More

The importance of process

Brick wall

A patient, methodical process can be slow.  It can also help you build consensus, make sure all of the details are covered, and ensure accuracy.  A client may appreciate the thoroughness of your deliverable. A quick process may help you please a customer and generate momentum.  It’s a good way to kick off a new project. A process that involves … Read More