concrete closeup

Dysfunction in families, businesses, and government can occur because people stop caring about what they are doing. Maybe people feel that their voices aren’t being heard or that no one respects them or their opinions. Whatever the case, it leads to people losing interest in the real purpose of the organization. A separate condition, but related to this, is that I … Read More

Communication and creation


If you can communicate then you can create. The selection below from David Bohm’s On Dialogue is essential reading on the nature of communication. But of course, such communication can lead to the creation of something new only if people are able freely to listen to each other, without prejudice, and without trying to influence each other. Each has to be interested primarily … Read More

Instagram and the underlying order

power pole and transformer

The filters on Instagram can make most images look good.  They can turn a color image to black and white (one of three filters I believe).  Some can darken or lighten an image and others can turn the sky even bluer or emphasize the color red.  It’s fun to play with and to see how my perception of an image … Read More