Building Up or Tearing Down: Striking the Right Balance

building up or tearing down

A constructive approach focuses on nurturing and empowering people, teams, and organizations, even when mistakes are made. By adopting this approach, you can bring people along with you. On the other hand, a destructive approach challenges and dismantles behaviors, systems, cultures, and processes. While this may seem counterproductive, it can sometimes be necessary to create meaningful change. Starting fresh can … Read More

Embracing authenticity and consistency

real is rare

There I was, shifting between personas like a chameleon—aggressive in one moment, relaxed in the next. I’d be the life of the party in small groups but fade into the background with larger crowds. Deadlines turned me into a bulldozer, while other situations found me calm and collected. Sound familiar? It’s because we all wear masks. We adapt to the … Read More

Balancing positive and negatives

balancing positives and negatives

Positive communication fuels motivation, but acknowledging negatives grounds reality—embrace balance to keep it real. There are a lot of messages about being positive out there. But for entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s important to acknowledge the realities of what you’re up against.